Frequently Asked Questions:


General Questions

1. What does Cake69.com website offer?

Cake69.com website makes it possible for you to send gifts to your dear ones residing in Hyderabad, India. Through this service, you can order from the wide & exclusive range of cakes, flowers, gift items shown on the website. The products will be delivered at a specified time slot and address given by you, according to your specifications.


2. Do I need to register to use Cake69.com website?

No. Cake69.com does not require its customers to go through a boring registration process.


3. How do I feel sure that you have correctly registered the order placed?

After you have placed the order, you will get an e-mail confirming with unique order ID of each order registered with us. Please check your e-mail and if you want any correction, you are requested to get in touch with us. Other way is to avail our live help (website chat service), and get in touch with our customer support executive with your order id.


4. How to make payment?

 You can make payment through any International or Global Indian credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, cash cards and cash on delivery. Visa, Master and Maestro cards, PayPal are accepted. Your card will be charged in your local currency even though the prices are mentioned in INR in Cake69.com website.


5. What are the cities/places of delivery?

We deliver in 33 cities accross Telangana and Andhrapradesh.


6. How can I track my orders?

Enter your order number in the website home page header track order field and click on track order, it will show you the order status.


7. How to know whether my order is delivered or not?

As soon as your order is delivered, you will receive a confirmation through e-mail with the details of delivery, i.e., date, name of the recipient and products delivered. You can also check in  “Track Order” in Cake69.com home page and check the status of your order by entering Your Order no in track order field.


8. Can I specify a time for delivery of my gift?

Yes. we accepts specific time deliveries at additional charges. You can specify a time period but you can't pinpoint a specific time. We try to deliver at the nearest possible time.


9. How many days in advance should I place the order?

For same day delivery orders you need to order before 5 PM IST and the same will be delivered before 10:00 PM IST.


10. Can I place an order I have Phone (no address details) of the recipient?

You can place the order without address if you have a valid phone number (at the sole risk of the user). We try to get the address details over phone. First 3 calls are made at an interval of 1 hour. If we trace the recipient's address in any of these tries, we will deliver the product. Otherwise we will inform the same to you via E Mail.


11. Can I book my order over a phone call?

Yes, At present we are accepting orders by Phone call you need to pay cash on delivery.


12. If I order from places other than INDIA, how will I be charged?

 The same amount will be converted into your local currency and charged as per the conversion rate on the day of your payment.


13. Can I ask for a gift that is not shown in the site?

Yes. We can arrange for your choice of gift if the order is placed in advance. You can ask for any gift item through our customized orders section or through live help. Such specifications can be made by Email or through Live Help.


14. Can I change my order information?

Yes.  If you wish to change your order information, you can contact us at:

Email: info@cake69.com

Call us:+91 9133036789

Any changes in the order information can be made only if intimated at least 1 day prior to the delivery of the order.


15. What information is required from my end to submit the order?

We require the following:

recipient’s name

complete delivery address

contact number of the recipient

date of delivery

sender’s name

Shipping option

billing information.


16. What if my order was not delivered as requested?

 If you are not satisfied with your order, kindly contact our customer service (Call us at +91 9133036789 or email us at info@cake69.com).


17. What if the recipient has refused a delivery?

 We will consider the order delivered if recipient has refused a delivery.


18. How do I cancel an order?

 Request for cancellation of confirmed order can be made up to 1 day prior to the delivery date. You can send cancellation request at info@cake69.com or call us at +91 9133036789


19. Can I get the order delivered midnight?

 Yes. You can get the order delivered midnight but additional delivery charge of INR 300 will be applied.


20. Which browsers do you support?

The site is best viewed in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. It also supports Internet explorer but it is not recommended for the best view.


21.  Damaged or Wrongly Shipped Items

Non-Perishable: In case of damaged or wrongly shipped items, the request for exchange should be submitted within 3 days of the delivery date. These items can be Replaced if the customer wishes to do so, or refund is made, if such instance is notified within 3 days of delivery date.

Perishable Items: In case of perishable items like cakes, flowers, chocolates and sweets refund will be entertained only if they are wrongly shipped. While we take utmost care to ship items without any damages, sometimes, it may get slightly damaged, when distance is more or out-of-station deliveries for items like Cakes. If recipient not happy to accept the damaged item we will replace the item ASAP with the same / equal amount item.

22. Refund for non-delivery of Items :

Non-Perishable Items: In case of missed/non-delivery of non-perishable items, due to the Non-availability of the recipient, the order will be repeated once more after the stipulated day. If the item cannot be delivered after 2 attempts, then the refund for the same will be made.

Perishable Items: For delivery of cakes, flowers, and sweets the delivery of items will be attempted only once. Being perishable in nature, there will be no refund against such items if recipient is not available at the time of delivery are any similar issues.

Partial-Refunds: Partial Refunds will be made in case of multiple goods being ordered and one/few items amongst that list is/are not delivered. In such cases, customers get refund only against non-executed deliveries.


23. Refund against cancelled orders?

Refund will be made only against approved cancelled orders, I,e a cancellation which has been notified to us, and has approved by us. Cancellation should be informed minimum of 24 hours in advance of delivery Date. However, Approval of Cancellation is subjected to our acceptance for cancellation.


24. How many days it will take to get my refund money of a cancelled order?

As per the payment gateway terms it will take maximum of 2 weeks time to get back your money.


25. From where do you procure the items?

We procure the products from the vendors who are reputed to deliver the items with best quality.


26. What are the conditions for return ?

 - Items must be in new condition with its original packing.

- Accessories if any, should be intact or it may be subject to a restocking fee.

- If you are returning a product listed below, please check to make sure, your return meets the conditions described .

1. Perishables items - Will not be returned, unless defective or wrongly Delivered.


27.What is the duration of returns ?

Returns on Credit Card: Please allow up to two billing cycles for the return credit to appear on your credit card statement.


Cake Delivery Question


1. Are the items delivered as per the display on the Web Pages ?

Generally the gifts will be similar to the pictures on the web. They will definitely match or exceed all the specifications in terms of weight, size, count and functionality. There may be some variation in the gifts especially in perishable items like cakes, chocolates and flowers. Cakes and Flowers specified in the pictures shown may differ as they are handmade. If the flowers or cakes specified in the website are not available, suitable alternatives will be used.


2. Will I get confirmation of the delivery?

We try to deliver items on time, on the delivery date specified by you. And the same is informed to you via Email within 24 hours after the delivery. At any case, if we are delayed, due to unforeseen weather conditions or strikes that cannot be overcome, it will be informed to you via Email.


3. What if you don't deliver or deliver late?

If you give us adequate time to process your order it will not be late. This can only happen due to forces beyond our control such as traffic jams, riots, transportation strikes and situations beyond our control. Another common reason this happens is when the recipient of the gift is not at home, or his/her address has changed. We will cooperate with you to rectify this situation if it does occur. Please note our maximum liability is the refund of the purchase price, if the fault is due to Cake69.com


4. Would you accept and send the member any message from the recipient after the item is delivered?

The recipients can send a message to the sender. The message is conveyed to the sender via Email within 24 hours after delivery along with the confirmation of delivery.


5. What happens if the recipient is not found even after so many tries?

The order is cancelled and the same is informed to the member via Email. No refund on perishable items in this case.


6. What is the mode of delivery?

All the deliveries are made in person only to ensure delivery without any damages.


Delivery Date & Time

1. Can I specify my Required Date as Delivery Date?

Yes. We have deliveries on 365 days a year including Event Days and Holidays. You can specify the required Date as Delivery Date.


2. Express Delivery is required. Is it possible?

We have same day Delivery for all our destinations for perishable items like Flowers, Cakes, and Sweets. For orders received till 5 PM IST can be delivered on the same day. If ordered items are not available alternative items of same cost will be delivered. In case of other items, please check with our Support Team.


3. Any Charges for Express Delivery?

Yes. We charge additional amount for specified delivery time slots. Please check shipping info page on home page menu for more details.


4. Any extra charge for delivery on Sunday Or on Holiday?

NO. No extra charges.


5. Can I specify the required Time of Delivery?

YES. Time range of 3 hours need to be mentioned. It is subjected to Destination. While placing order based on Destination, you will be prompted for available Time ranges. 3 hours time range need to be selected like 9 - 12 Noon Or 6 PM - 9 PM etc.. Based on the Time Range selected, Time based Delivery Charges will be applicable.


6. Time Based Delivery on Event Days?

It is not possible to deliver as per Time Range on Event Days, 31st December and 1st January, as deliveries are planned based on Areas and Priorities. Orders will be delivered between 10 AM - 10 PM.


7. Is it possible to deliver at MID NIGHT?

For Midnight Delivery orders, Delivery Time Range is 45 minuts. ie., 11:30 PM - 00:15 hrs. Date of delivery should be prior date of Event Day. For Midnight Surprise orders, If birthday is on 9th, Select 8th as Delivery Date.


Payments & Online Security


1. What is the payment mode?

You can make payment through any International or Global Indian credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, cash cards and cash on delivery. Visa, Master and Maestro cards, PayPal are accepted. 


2. Are there any hidden costs?

 No. No hidden costs.


3. Can I pay by Cash?

 Yes, you can also pay by cash as cash on delivery. For further information, please contact our Customer Care.


4. How secure is my online payment ?

We adopt SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to encrypt your details and you will be redirected to a safe and secure online payment gateway at the time of payment.


5. How secure are my credit card details ?

We adopt latest version of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Technology with 128 bit encryption, to encrypt your credit card details to ensure highest security for the same .


6. How secure is the personal information / recipient's details/ Order details?

The Personal Information is not revealed to anyone. It is shared only in the process of delivery of the items.


7.  Disputes:

All disputes related to Cake69.com shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India courts only.


Hello! It's nice of you to take the time to get to know us better. Here are some things about us that we thought you might like to know. cake69.com went live in May 2018 with the objective of making Cakes home delivery in Hyderabad. Today, we are present across various categories Cakes, Flowers, Sweets, Teddy bears, Chocolates, Gifts and still counting! The vision of cake69.com is to expand it's delivery service in all metro cities of India by the year 2021.Using cake69.com get deliciously baked cakes right at your door step.

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  • Phone: +919133036789
  • Email: info@cake69.com